Our History

North Hill has its origins in the late 1940’s when it produced mainly open ground stock and specialised in roses during the 1960’s.

As time has moved on the nursery has evolved, embracing innovations such as containerised growing in the late 1970s. In the early 1980’s the nursery started to extend its range to include herbaceous perennials, shrubs and trees. Over the years, we have continued to expand our range of perennials and have added a wide range of new and interesting species and varieties, offering a comprehensive selection of plants that you will be unlikely to find elsewhere.

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New Production

New Production

A vast majority of our plants are produced in house; this has been achieved due to our efficient and highly skilled production team.

Our propagation team produce over 100,000 cuttings annually, helping us meet the requirements for our more unusual varieties which can be difficult to source externally.

In the 1990’s we trialled different mixes of peat reduced compost and as a result we now grow all our stock in 100% peat free compost.

Integrated Crop Management

Pests and Diseases

Like any nursery we have to control Pests and Diseases as they arrive to keep our plants in tip top condition.

To protect the environment and Rob's bees we feel we should be as careful as possible.  We therefore use an Integrated approach to managing problems on the Nursery.

We try not to 'mollycoddle' our plants as we know that when they leave us they are destined for the real world and once planted have to fend for themselves, we do however recognise our 'duty of care' to ensure that our plants are healthy and fit for purpose when they leave us.

Nursery - Solutions

Control Solutions

Pest and Disease control at The Nursery involves a tiered response to any problems. We always start with the mildest solution and build from there.

  • Cultural Control - putting the plants in the right spot on the nursery, controlling the water and growing them carefully can significantly reduce the problems from the start
  • Biological control - we use nematodes for Vine Weevil and apply parasites and predators to control insect pest populations
  • Bio Pesticides - we use a range of these as a first line of defence when problems strike
  • Chemicals - this is our last option and we spray chemicals only once other techniques have been tried